Graphite electrodes and electric arc furnaces

Graphite electrode product description

Graphite electrodes are made of the highest quality petroleum coke and imported needle coke.

They are widely used in electric arc furnaces and refining furnaces, and are suitable for the production of alloy steel and other metals, non-metals and other materials. Varieties are: ordinary power, high power, quasi ultra high power (non-GB), ultra high power graphite electrodes, specifications Φ300-Φ600, this product has low resistivity, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good oxidation resistance, thermal shock And strong resistance to mechanical vibration, high mechanical strength, high machining strength and so on.

Application area

The use of graphite electrodes is mainly reflected in the following points:

(1) For electric arc steelmaking furnaces. Graphite electrodes for steelmaking account for about 70-80% of the total amount of graphite electrodes.

(2) Used in mineral heat electric furnace. Graphite electrode thermoelectric furnaces are mainly used to produce ferroalloys, pure silicon, yellow phosphorus, matte, and calcium carbide.

(3) For resistance furnaces. It is used in the production of graphite products, melting glass and silicon carbide in electric resistance furnaces.

Selection of product specifications

The choice of graphite electrode is more or less related to the capacity of the electric furnace, the type of the electric furnace, the size of the transformer, the size of the secondary current, and the type of steel smelted. We can match the appropriate electrode to the customer based on the furnace type, transformer size, and current size.