Graphite electrode and needle coke

Needle coke is a high-quality variety vigorously developed in carbon materials, and it is an excellent material for manufacturing high-power and ultra-high-power electrodes and lithium anode materials. Determines the quality level of graphite electrodes. The graphite electrode made of needle coke has the advantages of strong thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength, good oxidation performance, low electrode consumption and large allowable current density, which greatly improves the quality level of graphite electrodes and is a high-quality graphite An important raw material for electrodes.

With the outbreak of the graphite electrode industry in 2016, needle-shaped coke drove from the bland rural road to the spring windy proud highway, and the market demand began to grow rapidly, and the emergence of new energy was the needle-shaped coke market. The demand has added a strong fire. In 2017, with the influx of capital in the graphite electrode industry, the trend of new construction and expansion has become a trend, the production capacity has grown rapidly, and the graphite electrode has entered a glorious era. It is a profitable industry. As an important raw material for graphite electrodes, Needle coke is naturally rising, the price has soared, and the high position is firm. With the power of profit and financial support, the production capacity of needle coke enterprises has gradually increased, providing more goods for the graphite electrode market.

In 2016, the total demand for acicular coke reached 186,800 tons, the graphite electrode increased 80.86% month-on-month, and the lithium battery negative electrode increased 64.03% month-on-month. In 2017, the graphite electrode capacity was released in large quantities, and the total demand for acicular coke was 328,700 tons. In terms of chain growth, 128.29%, and lithium battery anodes increased 27.47%; continuous rapid expansion of graphite electrodes slowed down in 2018, the total demand for needle coke reached 572,300 tons, and graphite electrodes increased 73.75%, lithium batteries The negative side increased by 71.64% from the previous month.

The changes in the graphite electrode market directly determine the direction of the needle coke market. With the rapid and unscientific expansion of the graphite electrode market, contradictions are becoming increasingly apparent. In 2019, there is a serious overcapacity and a large accumulation of market inventory. In addition, downstream steel mills have a setback and demand. Weakness, graphite electrode market prices fell and fell. Facing the current situation in the domestic market, electrode companies have turned to foreign markets. However, with the increase in domestic supply and the tightening of gaps in foreign markets, overseas regrets are frequent. With the accumulation of domestic port cargoes, market contradictions have become prominent. Graphite electrode production started in June 2019 for five months of negative growth and gradually decreased month by month. As of November, it was 11.29% lower than June.

The overall trend of China’s needle coke market in 2019 is down, mainly due to the decline in downstream graphite electrode demand.

The main influencing factors are the following:

1. Downstream graphite electrode market is sluggish, product supply exceeds demand, prices fall, and enthusiasm for needle coke purchases is reduced.

2. The price of graphite electrodes has fallen sharply, and profits have bottomed out. The raw material ratio of high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes has changed, reducing the use of needle coke.

3. New needle-shaped coke enterprises and installations have been successively fed in and successfully released coke. The supply of needle-shaped coke has increased and the inventory of the company has increased.

The graphite electrode market continues to be weak, downstream demand is weak, and market trading is light. Due to the tight profit of graphite electrodes of ordinary power, high power and small specifications, and the profit of ultra high power and large size graphite electrodes, the major companies have invested in the ultra high power electrode market. The increase in supply capacity, along with the reduction of the gap in foreign markets, has led to the accumulation of domestic goods and continued decline in prices. The graphite electrode market has entered a downward channel, and competition has intensified during the process of shuffling. Prices have continued to weaken. Many companies will be eliminated during the competition. When the market returns to rationality, the carbon industry will re-emerge. In the process of competition, the prices of enterprises will continue to weaken, the pessimism in the market outlook will be severe, and the development of the company’s center of gravity will be balanced. Technological breakthroughs will be the only key to tide over the difficulties.