Development trend of smelting technology and electrode demand

Development trend

The rapid development of electric arc furnaces in China’s iron and steel industry has become a trend of large-scale development, which is characterized by large output power, stable power coefficient, power transmission for long arc operation, and development in the direction of energy saving and consumption reduction. Therefore, the new large electric furnace has great changes compared with the traditional electric arc furnace in the past. Modern electric furnace technology pays great attention to the energy problem of electric furnace. The gas jet gun and automatic carbon oxygen gun can reduce the electrode consumption by 0.3 ~ 0.5KG per ton of steel. With the implementation of hot charging technology, the smelting time is significantly shortened, and the power consumption and electrode consumption are significantly reduced. Significantly decreased.

Large-scale electric arc furnaces use large-capacity transformers and the overload capacity is 20%. From this point of view, graphite electrodes are increasingly required in steel smelting, especially the electrode’s quality balance, conductivity, and thermal shock resistance. , Antioxidant. For medium-sized or oversized electric arc furnaces and LF electric furnaces, power off-line problems have occurred, that is: high-power electrodes for UHP electric furnaces off-line, and ordinary power electrodes for HP electric furnaces off-line. The emergence of this type of electric furnace is for enterprises Challenges and tests of traditional products also force manufacturers to provide low-quality, high-quality North Jiangsu and ultra-high North Jiangsu products. Because the development of iron and steel has passed the threshold, it is developing in the direction of fine products and special varieties.

Large-scale DC and AC arcs have also been finalized; high-capacity, large-scale, large-scale blast furnaces supporting double-station LF furnaces have become a new development direction. For example: Maanshan Steel Plant and Wuhan Steel Plant newly installed 300T double-station LF furnaces with φ500MM UHP electrodes, and the consumption is less than 0.5KG / T. In addition, the large-scale furnaces have begun to take shape. For example, Yunnan Chengxing Group’s new Xuanwei Phosphorus Power Plant has put into operation six 22MV * A furnaces.

Now the market’s demand for graphite electrodes has developed towards multiple varieties and incremental directions. Among them: the annual demand for UHP graphite electrodes will reach 100,000 T; the annual demand for HP graphite electrodes is at least 180,000 T; the large specifications of HP graphite electrodes φ500MM and φ600MM are also moving in the direction of increase (mainly for furnaces) .