Main factors affecting graphite electrode consumption

The consumption of graphite electrodes

The consumption of graphite electrodes in electric furnace steelmaking runs through the entire smelting process, and the consumption is affected by many factors. Here, only the operation of the smelting process is performed to analyze.

(1) Poor quality or improper proportion of scrap steel leads to poor slagging effect and prolongs smelting time; the increase of feeding times and well drilling data increases the damage and break probability of the bottom of the electrode; the longer smelting time leads to power consumption and electrode consumption. The direct factor of rising losses.

(2) The electric furnace power supply equipment does not match the electrode specifications.

Electric arc furnace power transmission is a high flow and low pressure operation. If the capacity of the power supply equipment is too large and exceeds the limit load of the electrode, the electrode within 5~10MIN of the arcing will have a redness from bottom to top. The boundary of the joint is very obvious and most of the breakage accidents occur; the current is too high or the fluctuation is too large. The breakage frequency of the joint connection is improved and the bottom consumption is tapered. If the power supply capacity is low, the furnace temperature will not reach the process requirement during the effective heat-heating time, and the operation will be delayed. Overload and timeout operations are the biggest loss and consumption of graphite electrodes.

(3) Forced increase of chemical energy and improvement of smelting intensity during oxidation period

In the smelting, the oxygen blowing amount (generally less than 45M3/T) is forcibly increased to achieve rapid melting and increase the furnace temperature, which makes the furnace condition difficult and the furnace and the furnace are in a rich state, so that each phase electrode is in a high temperature flame. . When the electrode is in such a furnace condition, most of the layers and surface oxidation are severe.

(4) Technical configuration of electric furnace configuration and operation

Modern electric arc furnaces are intrinsically different from traditional electric furnaces. The emergence of ultra-high-power large-scale electric arc furnaces and hot-loading steelmaking processes has increased smelting strength and productivity, and thus put forward higher technical requirements for the quality of graphite electrodes. In the operation, the selection of the transmission curve and gear, the control of the arcing and steady arc voltage and current, the combination of long, medium and short arc, the configuration and application of the water cooling system, the service life and consumption of the electrode Played a key role.

(5) Quality of graphite electrode

At present, the smelting and process of the electric arc furnace have more and more strong requirements on the anti-oxidation performance and thermal shock resistance of the graphite electrode, and the consumption caused by the fluctuation of the quality is greatly concerned by the direct users. Therefore, the balance and stability of the quality of the graphite electrode is the most important factor determining the size of the consumption.