The Production Feature Of Graphite Electrode

The Production Feature Of Graphite Electrode

(1) The production cycle is long. The production cycle of ordinary power graphite electrodes is about 45 days, the production cycle of ultra high power graphite electrodes is more than 70 days, and the production period of graphite electrode joints requiring multiple impregnation is longer.

(2) High energy consumption. The production of 1t ordinary power graphite electrode requires about 6000kW·h of electricity, thousands of cubic meters of gas or natural gas, and about 1t of metallurgical coke and metallurgical coke.

(3) There are many production processes. The production process includes raw material calcination, crushing milling, compounding, kneading, forming, roasting, impregnation, graphitization and mechanical processing. Its production requires many special mechanical equipment and special structure of the kiln, the construction investment is large, and the investment recovery period is longer.

(4) A certain amount of dust and harmful gases are generated during the production process, and it is necessary to adopt perfect ventilation measures to reduce dust and eliminate harmful gases.

(5) Production of carbonaceous raw materials required Petroleum coke and coal tar pitch are the production and processing by-products of refining enterprises and coal chemical enterprises. The quality and stability of raw materials are difficult to be fully guaranteed, especially the production of high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes. The special impregnating asphalt with needle coke, modified electrode asphalt and low quinoline insoluble content is in urgent need of the attention and active cooperation of China’s petroleum and coal chemical processing enterprises.